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Spindle Rebuild

至尊娱乐appOnly Makino’s Spindle Exchange Program and Customer Property Rebuild services guarantee the highest level of quality.

Perform Like New, Long into the Future

Makino is your cutting-edge source of spindle rebuild and replacement. Only Makino has the knowledge and inventory to return your machines to true factory-original performance. Talk with our service team to learn more about how we can rebuild or replace your Makino spindle. 

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Perform Like New, Long into the Future

The Makino Advantage

For spindle rebuild and replacement that minimize downtime and return true factory original performance, Makino is the only source with the knowledge and inventory to service your request.
Unlike many spindle remanufacturing services that have you waiting three to five days for a solution, Makino has a proven history in meeting 99.5 percent of customers’ required deliveries in less than 24 hours on a down machine. Our 10 regional warehouses are strategically located throughout North America and are capable of shipping replacement parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With 170 spindles on hand for virtually any model, Makino is your best solution for eliminating downtime and promptly returning your machine to full production.
Our spindles are unlike any others on the market, designed and built with the highest level of quality and unique patented technologies. To return them to their highest level of performance, don’t settle for spindle repair services that apply standard off-the-shelf spindle components. Only Makino’s Spindle Exchange Program and Customer Property Rebuild services guarantee the highest level of quality using the patented spindle components and factory settings that only Makino can offer. Each spindle is tested and balanced to original specifications, ensuring your return to full production quickly and effectively. 
When and if a Makino spindle rebuild is needed, you can count on us for rapid-turnaround of a replacement spindle with guaranteed performance, no matter the age of your machine.


Spindle Exchange Program

Makino will exchange a damaged spindle (core) with a newly remanufactured spindle from its existing stock. This includes a one-year warranty. 

Customer Property Rebuild

Makino provides quick turnaround for repairs and rebuilds using all new OEM components where required, so that the remanufacturered spindles operate at the original OEM specifications. Most spindle rebuilds are performed in our centrally located Makino facility in Mason, Ohio, thus ensuring quick turnaround.
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