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Predictive and Proactive Machine Health Technology

Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance

MHmax: Monitoring Machine Health

MHmax™ is transforming machine performance monitoring by preventing unplanned downtime. This sensor and software system is designed to monitor, analyze and predict probable failures before they happen, so you can take proactive steps to prevent them.

How MHmax maximizes machine performance
至尊娱乐app Relying on 15 years of customer support data in different production scenarios, Makino engineers identified the leading causes of unplanned downtime and the important warning signs to maximize machine performance.

  • Only MHmax offers a high-value IoT sensor package paired with Makino’s proprietary machine learning software that continually monitors critical parts. 
  • MHmax has a unique IoT self-learning capability, able to gather and analyze thousands of data points to monitor the status of the machine and predict failures before they happen.
  • MHmax also sends an email or text to alert you to developing performance trends so you can take action before downtime.
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Four Critical Machining Sub-Systems

With a simple user interface, MHmax can maximize machine performance of four critical machining systems:

(Spindle) - Flags unexpected vibration-related events through an integrated high frequency sensor, and continually assesses spindle health.

(Coolant) – Monitors each main branch of this important system and alerts you when proactive service should be scheduled.

(Hydraulics) – Analyzes system pressure and temperature, building a body of data to predict potential needs.

(Tool Changer) – Tracks the physical position of the spindle and how it compares to its ideal location for seamless tool changes. Also makes sure the drive system stays in good working condition.
MHmax Overview Infographic
Four Critical Machining Sub-Systems

How does all this data come together?

Integrated sensors continually collect thousands of data points from these critical systems and dozens of other areas. Using a proprietary algorithm, MHmax analyzes this data, predicts developing issues and notifies you with a text or email depending on your level of connectivity. You’ll always know the health of your machines and when to proactively schedule service to keep them running.
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How does all this data come together?

How you connect your MHmax system. You decide.

MHmax offers three levels of IoT connectivity to support industry 4.0 predictive maintenance and let you control access to your data.

Level 1 connectivity lives on the machine's Pro6 Control interface, with easy-to-understand, information-rich displays showing monitored system’s status on the control screen.
Level 2 connectivity adds to Level 1 capabilities. Living on your private internal network, it allows select employees to log in to a summary page and instantly see the health status of all connected machines.It also provides in-shop notifications (via email).

Level 3 connectivity includes the benefits of all three levels and transmits coded alarm messages or support requests through the cloud to Makino’s technical support team. We’ll then contact you right away to proactively decide a recommended course of action.

Since Makino highly values your privacy and data ownership, MHmax doesn't require any data streaming—even with Level 3 connectivity. Makino only receive alerts from MHmax that your machine needs attention.
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How to Buy MHmax

MHmax is available on select NEW Makino 1-series horizontal machining centers. 
MHmax is a subscription service with an initial machine software, hardware and installation cost. For this, users receive the predictive and display capabilities of MHmax. An annual subscription renewal fee will apply after the first year of use and gives continual updates on the MHmax software as released throughout the year.

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How to Buy MHmax
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