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Keep Your Makino Machines Calibrated

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New Makino Authorized Kits: Standard Inspection Testing & Gauge Equipment

Makino helps you make routine maintenance tasks easier than ever with certified Testing Kits. These kits have been requested for years and are now available for purchase.

Designed by our service team to ensure the best choice for your Makino machine, these kits have everything your maintenance staff needs to perform standard inspections and calibrations.
New Makino Authorized Kits: Standard Inspection Testing & Gauge Equipment

The popular Test Bar kits include a precision test bar with machine specific spindle interface, tool change alignment jig and an industrial storage case to protect the equipment during non-use.  This single kit supports many static accuracy inspections.  An accurate second reference position ensures that the machine spindle and ATC gripper are properly aligned, preventing spindle taper wear that can shorten spindle life.

Each kit is custom designed to work best with your Makino machine. Each kit is certified for accuracy by our Makino Service Specialists before your purchase. Pricing varies by machine model.

Makino also offers a low-cost annual recalibration/inspection certification package to ensure each year your testing equipment is certified as calibrated. Makino covers the cost of shipping the equipment back and forth to our certification team.

Custom kits have been developed for our BT40, BT50, CAT40, CAT 50, HSK32A, HSK40A, HSK50A, HSK100A, HSK125A, HSK-A/C/E 63, HSK 80F Spindle interfaces.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 888-Makino4 (625-4664)

Additional kits available include:
  • Electronic Level Kit - contains precision electronic level indicators.
  • Square Kits - contains an AA precision square (4 sizes available) and a pair of precision spirit levels.
  • MAG Tool Center Point Control (TCP) Kit - contains precision tooling ball and mounting system for measuring center of rotation.
  • MAG3 Table Jig - contains a table jig and case.
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